Caterpillars (Toddlers)

Our compassionate and devoted teachers work closely with the toddlers to build on skills and continue intellectual growth that began in the infant program. We provide a safe and happy environment for toddlers to become more independent and to encourage healthy emotional development. It is vital at this stage to help children feel good about themselves and their abilities. Our teachers will take advantage of all situations where praise can be used to reinforce desired behaviors. The educational focus for this age group is on child-initiated and teacher-directed constructive play.


Our toddlers are beginning to participate in Circle Time where the teachers are discussing, reading and singing songs about the days of the week, colors, shapes, numbers and letters. Our lesson plans are centered on thematic learning, so that one concept is reinforced by the activities planned throughout the week. Another exciting development in this age group is the lengthening of the toddler's attention span. In order to foster this trait, teachers provide stimulating small group activities such as finger plays, puppet stories, working with colorful puzzles or playing outside on the climbing equipment which is scaled to the child's size.


Parents can expect to receive a report detailing their child's activities each day. The information provided will include the amount and type of food eaten, the amount of time slept, diapers changed or times the child used the restroom (if potty training). When parents are interested in potty training, our classrooms are equipped with toilets that are scaled appropriately for children during this challenging time.


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