Chameleons (4K)

Young Scholars Learning Academy recognizes that children will soon be entering schools that expect social and academic readiness. Our pre-kindergarten program is similar to a 4-year-old kindergarten program in an elementary school. The benefit of enrolling your child in our program is that we offer smaller class sizes with lower student to teacher ratios. This allows for more individualized teaching and facilitates additional time for the teachers to accurately assess the student's progress.


To prepare the children for kindergarten, we begin to offer a more structured environment for group instruction along with opportunities for self-directed play and exploration. Discussions fostered by the teacher focus on the following core subject areas: mathematics, literacy, science and social studies. These blossoming students are exposed to the Arts through various avenues such as music, theater, dance and visual art.


During our pre-kindergarten program, student's cognitive and social skills are strengthened and improved. They are taught to become aware of how their choices affect others. Emphasis is placed on careful and thoughtful decision-making. With this increased awareness, they are able to recognize emotions in their friends and learn to respond more appropriately. Our teachers facilitate deeper thought processes by encouraging students to verbally express answers to open-ended questions. Upon graduation from the 4K program, your child will be ready for academic success in any school setting.


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