Fireflies (Infants)

Our caring and supportive faculty will implement your child's own unique schedule. Parents are encouraged to communicate daily any variance in your child's routine. For your child's optimal growth and development, we understand the necessity to work together as a team. Our amazing staff creates a safe, nurturing and loving environment for our youngest learners. The teacher will prepare a report sheet that gives an overview of your child's eating, sleeping and toileting patterns each day.


According to current research, we have learned that rich learning experiences contribute to brain structure and capacity. At Young Scholars Learning Academy, we recognize the importance of introducing language, social skills, visual stimulation, sounds and textures. It is during these first formative months that our knowledgeable faculty begins to teach and communicate with infants using American Sign Language. Our age-appropriate toys, equipment and "Tummy Time" focus on large motor skills. During this critical stage of motor development, it is so important to strengthen the necessary muscles needed for sitting, crawling and eventually walking.


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