Crickets (Threes)

Our Crickets are a group of imaginative three year olds who are making enormous educational strides in language and conceptual thinking. As their attention span continues to lengthen, it is the job of our patient teachers to capture and encourage their growing curiosity. Emphasis is placed on the role that social interactions play in the development of this age group. It will lay the groundwork for meeting future challenges with confidence and poise.


Preschool is a very important step in preparing these young learners for future academic success. Our educational program offers teacher directed projects and activities that build on our established learning foundation. There is a focus on literacy, mathematics and science. Crickets are gaining a deeper understanding of how things work and therefore enjoy completing science experiments that show cause and effect relationships. We provide a unique environment for these young learners that help them develop intellectually, emotionally, socially and physically. By the time this age group turns four, they are fully prepared for the next step of their educational journey.


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