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Our educational philosophy is to create a learning atmosphere through teacher directed activities and structured play. Time, materials and space will be provided for children to actively explore the world around them. They will have an opportunity to use a variety of art materials, manipulatives and housekeeping equipment. Our curriculum will provide exposure to a variety of cultures and we will celebrate how we are alike and how we are different from one another.


It is our goal to help your child adjust to Young Scholars Learning Academy as smoothly as possible. Upon enrollment, you will be asked to fill out a form that will explain your child's daily routine, including feeding and sleeping schedules. We will place your child in the room best suited for their schedule and age while following their home routine as closely as possible.


To better prepare children for their formal education in an elementary school setting, we recognize the need to create lessons that are focused on developing early education. At Young Scholars Learning Academy, we track every child's developmental progress. We keep a portfolio with samples of both their academic and artistic work. This information is shared at least twice per year at parent-teacher conferences. As it is our goal to direct children to future academic success, we will notify parents of any delays or problems that we notice. Parents are welcome to request additional conferences or updates throughout the year.

The Creative Curriculum®

The teachers here at Young Scholars Learning Academy use The Creative Curriculum®. This is the leading program in child care centers across the nation because of its ability to help teachers plan and implement developmentally appropriate lessons that promote social-emotional development and the learning of literacy, mathematics, science and social studies. This program strives to honor the child's creativity and respect the role that the teacher plays in the classroom by making learning exciting and relevant to all children.


The program is divided into two sections, one designed specifically for infants, toddlers, and twos and another that focuses on preschool children. The Creative Curriculum® for Infants, Toddlers, and Twos is designed to help teachers understand developmentally appropriate practices, how to create daily routines and meaningful experiences that reflect children's strengths, interests and needs. The Creative Curriculum® for Preschool is designed to provide teachers with a comprehensive foundation based on the latest research and best ideas of how children develop and learn. This collection of knowledge building and daily practice resources help our faculty build and implement a high quality preschool program with step-by-step guidance. Both sections are aligned with the Wisconsin Early Childhood Learning Standards which were developed by the Wisconsin Department of Public Instruction, Health and Family Services and Workforce Development. These standards can be found at


The authors of The Creative Curriculum® are early childhood experts who include experienced teachers and administrators. They have incorporated the scientific research and child development theories of Maslow, Brazelton, Erikson, Greenspan, Piaget, Vygotsky, Gardner and Smilansky to produce an exceptional road map to follow. By combining The Creative Curriculum® and the experience of our highly qualified teachers, your child will be a contributing member of an effective and vibrant classroom.



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