Spiders (Twos)

Our energetic two year olds are bursting with increased language skills, rapidly developing fine motor movements and asserting their individuality and independence. Our equally vivacious teachers work diligently with this age group to foster creativity in a constructive and exciting way. These special two year olds are transitioning from dependent infants to socially independent preschoolers. Our educational program will guide these children gently through this monumental period and prepare them for future academic success.


Parents start to think about potty training around this age. At Young Scholars Learning Academy, teachers will work closely with parents to parallel the methods used at home to make this process as easy and successful as possible. Please refer to our For Parents tab for indicators and tips before starting this journey.


Our teachers will continue to reinforce and strengthen recognition skills in regards to colors, shapes, letters, numbers and other common items. At this age, we believe it is important to promote self-help skills that will improve social interactions and development. Other activities provided to prepare children for our preschool program include structured music and movement, process based art projects and opportunities to answer comprehension questions about books that are read aloud.


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